About Bliss


As important as stability is, so is recognizing the fact that life is as multi-faceted and diverse as people. At BLISS we understand that everyone is different. There is no one right way to live or practice yoga. BLISS has an arsenal of 18 well-rounded, experienced, well-trained, and open-minded teachers whose individual practices, infused with their particular kinds of soulfulness, are geared towards reaching out and making impressions in the lives of their students. In the four years that BLISS has been around, a steady flow of student practitioners have grown, establishing a network of dedicated yogis. With this growth, our classes have grown from 50 to 80 classes a week.


We offer various kinds of yoga that speak to every kind of individual. Whether you’re just starting out, dedicated to changing your body and your life, or simply trying out something new, our yoga classes range from: Gentle Flow for beginners, Yoga Fundamentals for those who want to correct their technique, Vinyasa Flow, Jivumakti Yoga, and Bhakti Urban Flow to name a few. There is really no excuse to not practice, as yoga, no matter the kind, is capable of speaking to multitudes of different kinds of people. Each practice is geared towards helping you discover a better way: one breath, one movement. Sometimes all you need to get through the day is an unwavering assurance in the competency and capacity of your breath and movement. Whether its in dealing with mundane and trivial exertions, or tremendous, life changing circumstances; Take a deep breath, let go, and refocus.




At BLISS we understand that everyone is different. There is no one right way to live or practice yoga.


Bliss Yoga is one of the country’s leading yoga studios and is dedicated to teaching you yoga that can change your life. Since we opened in 2009, our classes have steadily grown in size and frequency, now offering up to 80 classes a week. Our teacher roster is composed of 18 highly talented, well-educated, dedicated yogis whose main purpose is to teach you yoga that will make an impression in your life. The diversity in teaching styles and in the kinds of yoga offered represent tolerant principles which celebrate and respect the complexity and diversity of the individual. We also maintain an eco-friendly practice which demonstrates the unbridled possibilities of the positive effects of yoga as it extends itself into other aspects of life and the world.