Anna Austria

Anna’s first encounter with her mat in 2006 provided more than the expected twisting and stretching, leaving her exhausted but energized, breathless but calm, humbled but challenged. Throughout the years, her practice has continued to awe her with its amazing capacity to heal –Heal the body, heal the mind, heal the soul. Yoga for her is a continuous journey of discovery, strength, & compassion.

The countless life lessons have been and continue to be so enriching that she inevitably found herself wanting to share her practice. Her “teacher’s soul” unable to ignore the opportunity to help others find the joy & refuge she herself found on the mat, Anna finally completed Bliss Yoga’s 200 hour Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training program under Roland Dela Cruz in May 2012, following it up with a short intensive program with Desiree Rumbaugh in January 2013 and officially beginning her happy mission of sharing the yoga love.