Francois Flaviano

Francois’ interest roots deeply in seeking higher truth and knowledge as an individual. It was when he learned Classical Hatha Yoga back as a teenager taught by a Margii named Dineshvara which provided him the method and goal to realised oneself.
Later in his twenties he was then given an opportunity to be certified to teach Vinyasa by Bliss Yoga Manila through senior teachers Roland Dela Cruz and Isabel Dulay-Naval.
Today he continues to study the path of Tantra Yoga (Meditation and Self-Realization) under the lotus feet of Baba, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, through his disciple Acarya Shankar Sanananda Avadhuta of Ananda Marga Center Maharlika. As a follower of the path of Tantra he received his first initiation and was given the name Prashanta, “completely calm and quiet just like the supreme consciousness.”
Prashanta believes it is your birth right to experience the infinite unmanifest potential of the universe which is pure love, bliss and joy. Sat Chit Ananda!