Matty Roxas-Chua

Like almost everyone else, I first found my way to a mat for physical reasons. I wanted to explore and add variety to my already active lifestyle. I enjoy Vinyasa and Power classes but through the influence of my best friend, fell in love with Ashtanga.

I was going through the most challenging and depressing time of my life a few years back that led me to discover the path of yoga. I realized then that there is more to yoga than the Asanas. I found refuge, peace, hope and inspiration through daily practice, gurus and yogis around me. With a reborn spirit, I was eager to learn more and took my journey further by enrolling to the Bliss Yoga Teacher Training Program with Roland DelaCruz .

What started as a simple physical regimen, turned out to be a life changing source of energy for me. My journey doesn’t end here, everyday I am awakened to reap and apply the full benefits of yoga to my life. Equipped with my personal experience, a loving family, supportive friends and gurus I am excited to share the gift of yoga to others.