Louie-An Pilapil

Louie’s journey towards the path of yoga began in 2004, when she attended Elita Salgado’s class for the first time with her mother and her mother’s friends. It wasn’t love at first practice but she found herself coming back for more and eventually becoming a regular student. And whenever Elita was unavailable, she’d go to Sandy Carmona’s classes in Makati.

After two years of finding yoga, she moved to another country for a job, which disrupted the regularity of her practice. Still, she did what she could despite the lack of access to English classes. She practiced on her own and got together with like-minded yogis in that country, who organized their own classes by inviting teachers from Hong Kong. It was upon her return to the Philippines in 2009 that she seriously considered teaching yoga. Life and work got in the way, however, and that goal took a backseat. She continued her search for fantastic teachers to learn from and eventually found them. Her dream of becoming a yoga teacher was realized in 2012 when she trained under Bliss Yoga Manila’s Roland dela Cruz and Isabel Dulay. It was a decision that changed her life.

She continues to learn from her fellow teachers and her students, whose dedication to the practice never fails to inspire her. She found her bliss and wishes to share what she has learned with anyone who’s seeking a more peaceful existence, a stronger body and a calmer mind.