Oliver Loyola

Through a very interesting chain of events, I found myself in Malate, it was December of 2010 during the LGBT Pride March. I was screaming in the middle of the crowd when I saw an acquaintance from work (who I didn’t know was gay). Who would’ve known that would be a turning point in my life!?!?

I did not have any intentions of getting into the Practice when he introduced me to Yoga For Life. That time, I was going through a dark period of my life – and between wallowing in all the feelings and thoughts of anger, self-doubt, aimlessness, being on the mat seemed a better option.

Less than a year into the Practice, I felt that I have found my place – on my mat in a room, sharing my time and energy with the Community. The amount of gratitude I have for having found the Practice is beyond words. And seeing how much it has changed (and continues to change) the lives of the people around me, I was inspired to share my (continuously growing) Practice.

I’ve always told myself: “If I can touch just one life through Yoga the way it has touched mine, I know I would have found my Purpose in life.” And so by May of 2012, still thanks to the Yoga For Life Community and Bliss Yoga Manila, I became a Yoga Teacher.