Rossana Morales

Life indeed has its ways of taking us by surprise.

I first discovered Yoga not by practicing it on the mat, but by observing a class at the gym. Yoga, back then, was a completely foreign concept to me. But one day, I joined the class and was amazed at the peace it brought.

Several years later, I arrived at a point in my life where I needed to “fix” myself. After much contemplation, I discovered that, that ounce of peace I found in that one class I took was still there.

Shy as I was, I stepped on the mat again with the intention of chasing quietude amidst the chaos and excitement of life. I found joy in the compassion, support, playfulness and quiet strength of the teachers.

To deepen my understanding and practice, in 2013, I signed up for Bliss Yoga’s 200-Hour Vinyasa Flow YTT Program under the tutelage of Roland de la Cruz and Bliss’s amazing team of teachers. Surprising, yet it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I will always feel humbled every time I step in front of a class. To serve as a guide and a witness to every student’s journey is both a gift and a learning experience.

In every class, it is my goal to help students celebrate the strengths they were born with, no matter where they are in their practice, whatever state of health they’re in or what body type they have. I strive to help students realize the vastness of their potential more than practicing the asanas.