What you need:

A way to do bank transactions

Some banks have mobile apps or online banking options. Depending on what bank and/or account you have, you can transfer funds, or make a deposit to our account. You may also pay using your credit card or e-wallet (GCash) to pay for your BYO Package.

A device that can support Video Calls

You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make sure that your device has a working microphone and speakers. A camera is optional. You may also choose to connect your device to an external monitor, like your smart TV, or to external speakers, or bluetooth earpiece.

A stable internet connection

We are using Zoom for our Live Online classes, and the app requires a minimum of 600kbps to 1.5mbps bandwidth. Your internet speed will vary depending on your service provider and your subscription. You can check this by going on Google and typing "Speedtest" in your browser. 

Viber App and Viber account

You may download Viber for FREE on your phone, tablet, or computer via the App Store or Google Play Store. The links to our classes will be announced the day before in the BYO Viber Community. Only Bliss Yoga Admins can post in the group.


Zoom App and Zoom account

You can download Zoom for FREE in your phone, tablet, or computer via the App Store or the Google Play Store. You don't have to pay for a premium account. You can keep a FREE account. This one of the ways to keep our video conference secure. We will only allow verified students in on the call.


A Gmail Account

In order to access our Class Recordings, we require students to have a Gmail account for security. You can create one for FREE at

 A space for your mat and yourself

Make sure you have a yoga mat and enough space for it and for you to move around. Towels and water are helpful. Yoga props are not required but maybe helpful depending on the student's preference.



Pay for your BYO package through:

Send us your proof of payment

Email a copy of the deposit slip or fund transfer to: together with your Full Name and Contact Number. Wait for the email confirmation which contains the invitation to our exclusive Viber Community.

Join the Bliss Yoga Online Viber Community.

Links and updates to the Online Classes will be announced in the group the day before. Important class changes and on going promos will be announced here.


How to Join a class:

Stay tuned to the Bliss Yoga Online Viber Community

Make sure that the BYO Viber Commuity is NOT muted in your app. Click on the link to pre-register for the class you wish to attend. Register with your Full Name and email.

Check your inbox for the confirmation email

You will receive a notification email from us after pre-registration. It will contain the link, Meeting ID and Password to the Zoom Meeting. To join the class, just click on the link. Make sure you join the Zoom Meeting 15 minutes before it starts.

Head over to Zoom

You will automatically end up in the Zoom Waiting Room. Please wait for for the Meeting Host to let you in. Once you're in, make sure that you can see the teacher clearly, and make sure that you can hear the teacher clearly. Keep your audio off during class. Turning on your video is encouraged but optional.